About Me

Hi there! If you are reading this you probably want to know a little more about me. My name is Jason Ferguson. I’m  thirty six years old. I am currently living in Miami, Florida. I work as a forensic accountant. I have two daughters and an amazing wife. Overall, my life is incredible. However, I feel like I have become too complacent with my life, and well, a bit boring. This is why I’ve created this site.

For an entire year, I am going to challenge myself to learn something new. The idea right now is one “thing” every month. I will document every new task, skill, adventure etc… I’m hoping this site will help keep me accountable. I would love if you would like to follow along or even join me. It’s never too late to try new things.

Have any questions? Comments? If you want to, you’re welcome to leave a message for me.